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PVC shade horn line/line extruder production line

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PVC shade horn line/line extruder production line

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Qichang Plastic Machinery Factory - PVC Yang shade horn line/line extruder production line by twin-screw extruder and single screw extruder, vacuum calibrating bench, double tractors, punching machine, cutting machine, double frame. But one out of six or eight, high yield, achieve online punching. Time, manual, easy operation, used in the production of PVC bead wire (with ridges Yang Angle, Yin Angle, round ridge Yang Angle, Angle of triangle Yang Yang Angle, size, edge ridges/round ridge), PVC fibre glass bead wire mesh, PVC outdoor corner net (triangle Yang Angle), circular security protect horn, dripping, expansion joint strip, PVC decorative wire mesh, L right Angle, corner, metope slot line, PVC tile trim, marbled sideline repair, ceramic tile cross card, caulking agent (cartons, packaging), wood accessories.

Qichang Plastic Machinery Factory, located in nanhai district, foshan city, is one has over 20 years experience in production of PVC plastic profile extrusion molding equipment professional enterprise. Professional mature technology. From the raw material formula, production process and molding equipment, can provide customers with comprehensive technical support. PVC shade horn line article/Yang horn line/curtain wall/corner/edge horn line/trimming line extrusion machine equipment, PVC kok kok production line, PVC production line, PVC bead wire production line, PVC Yang shade horn line production line, PVC production line of PVC corner line is on the corner window, door edge, Angle of construction difficult specially designed a new kind of building materials. Is specially developed for the protection of the wall internal Angle of a new type of corner protection products, widely used in construction, decoration and corner enhancement and protection of the old house renovation, changed the traditional on by hand or using simple tools to trim Angle of inside and outside the wall fan ash method.

Product has corrosion resistance, impact resistance, anti aging, good adhesion, combined with the advantages of fully with putty, greatly enhances the impact resistance of the corner, the corner of the long and beautiful and not be destroyed, can replace traditional steel, wood, aluminum and other building materials.

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