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PVC Angle production line equipment - about PVC horn line of Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang

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PVC Angle production line equipment - about PVC horn line of Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang

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Qichang plastic machinery factory, located in nanhai district, foshan city, is one has over 20 years experience in production of PVC plastic profile extrusion molding equipment professional enterprise. Specializing in the production of PVC, Yin and Yang Angle line, horn line protection equipment, mature technology. From the raw material formula, production process and molding equipment, can provide customers with comprehensive technical support. Here give you a brief introduction of PVC relevant just horn line of Yin and Yang.

Article kok existing market advantage.

The product according to the corner, near the door, window of construction difficult specially designed a new type of building materials. In a unique environment, weather resistance, anti-aging, etc, its strength and toughness have made people safely replace steel, wood, aluminum and other traditional building materials. The current construction process of the corner, with decades of traditional construction method of efficiency is very low, engineering. And after the completion of the building in use process, the corner is very easy to damage: on the one hand, is due to the corner parts contact frequency is too high, the other party, is due to the strong enough in the corner. And damage after Yang Angle and without professional maintenance staff to maintenance, engineering quality decline. Especially the door and window in the corner, family homes generally USES package edge processing, but the use of this way of decoration wastes a large amount of wood, to decorate wasted a lot of money, caused great pollution. At present the international general PVC article kok are made of high strength PVC raw materials, environmental protection, corrosion resistance. Good impact resistance, anti aging, weathering. It has excellent mechanical, mechanical properties, etc. Its use can effectively solve the long existing in the construction of Yin and Yang Angle is not straight, not beautiful, corner easy bad quality common fault.

Products three major advantages:

1. Straight and beautiful;

2. Impact resistance, resistance to shock, completely solve for the corner damaged, crack, fall off wait for situation and repeatedly repair;

3. The change of traditional construction process, reduce labor intensity, improve the efficacy of 3-5 times, shorten construction time, reduce project cost.

With PVC beads as the main body, combined with glass fiber grid cloth, on the outer insulation can effectively solve the Yang Angle is not straight, the rough, easily damaged the common fault of collision. In use process need to use on foot plate, easy to operate, construction efficiency is generally 2 ~ 5 times, effectively reduce the project cost, fully guaranteed the corner of the beautiful and firm.

Yin and Yang Angle of commonly used specification: 80 g - 120 - g, 150 g

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