Qi Chang presses - your right choice


  Choice of plastic         Reason                      6

1Sufficient inventory to ensure delivery

Focus on plastic machinery research and development, design, production, sales and installation of one-stop service

Its own modern management workshops, optimize the processing technology, perfect management process, fast delivery to customers.

2Good performance

With high mechanical strength and rigidity, the highest fatigue strength, environmental resistance,

Organic solvent resistance and repeated impact resistance is strong, has good lubricity, wear resistance


5deliver goods on schedule

7 x24 hours service system, the company is equipped with independent division, department coordination,

And short shipment time fully meet customer requirements, the first time for you to solve any problem, protect the interests of customers.

6Cost performance

All production processes are completed in his workshop, refused to secondary outsourcing, without any intermediate channel,

Exempt from excess circulation costs, more than 30% cost savings, the savings to the customer to the greatest extent.



Follow the international quality management system, has advanced processing and testing equipment, the configuration is complete.

4Excellent mouth beer

Long-term cooperation with many well-known enterprises, obtains the customer the consistent high praise, JiChang is your confidence.


Qi chang into the machine

Qi Chang presses - your right choice


About us

 Foshan Qichang plastic machinery factory, located in nanhai district, foshan city, is a 20 years experience in production of plastic extrusion molding equipment professional enterprise. Since the establishment, committed to all kinds of plastic processing machinery research, design and production.